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  • Students are expected to behave with decorum and to pay due respect to the faculty and subordinate officials .Every member of staff has authority to forbid disorderly behavior within the institution.
  • Loud talking, loitering or congregating in the corridor, being source of disturbance and annoyance to others is not permitted.
  • Late arrival and early departure at or from a school are recorded as absence from the school.
  • It is misdemeanor to interfere with any apparatus or enter any lab/room other then directed.
  • No student has any authority over the employees of the institution.
  • Students are not allowed to use mobile phone in school campus. Action will be taken by the school authorities against the defaulters.
  • The students are required to come to the school in proper uniform as prescribed by the Education Department of Chandigarh Administration.
  • Parents can meet the teachers on the last Saturday of every month. However school can decide any other day convenient to it.