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To make science applicable to daily life we have made a science club in our school. This generates curiosity, alertness and awareness of the surroundings. A child develops a sprit enquire and start thinking independently. He tries to find reason for all daily life situations. He becomes innovative. The children “learn” more by “doing”. The science club is instrumental in developing the overall personality of the child. The following activities are helping the students in the age group.

Science Club Activities

  • To prepare a CD on any topic related to environment ( Class x).
  • To collect information on any topic of Science and write them such as science News, amazing facts , puzzle.(Class x).
  • To investigate reasons for contamination of water (Class IX).
  • To study Tyndall effect in a dark room where light is coming only from one small hole.(Class IX).
  • To show activity to select healthy seeds for sowing with the help of a container , water and seeds (class VIII).
  • To study parts of a candle flame (Class VIII).
  • Preparation of card with soap solution and turmeric pate.?(class VII).
  • To prepare a weather report for seven days (Class VII).
  • To make a mat by using strips of glazed paper (class VI).
  • To sprout gram and moong seeds (Class VI).
  • To take a nature trip in School premises and study flora and fauna of your school (Class Vi).
  • To paste pictures of spices in scrap file (Class Iv and V).
  • To take a trip of class IX students to Pinjore Garden and science and art gallery ,sector 10, chd.