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Clean and green environment is the need of hour . preserve environment , save planet is the slogan of lotus Eco-Club of GNSSS sec 20D Chandigarh the Main objective are

  • To create awareness in minds of young learner about environment.
  • To sensitize young students to observe the environment and understand.
  • The important of healthy environment and their roles in protecting it.
  • To acquaint them with eco friendly ways to protect our earth planet ( action basics i.e reduce reuse and recycle).

Eco Club Activities

July, 2016Tree PlantationTree plantation, Poster on “Save Tree” Quiz on environment, Pledge to Save Tree.
August 2016Solid Waste Material Assembly talk, Poster on “Say no to plastic”, Segregation of waste into two separate ,Exhibits: Best out of waste
August 2016Cleanliness Drive Assembly talk, Pledge, Cleanliness drive.
September 2016Climate Change Celebration of Ozone day, Assembly talk.
October 2016Wild Life Week Essay writing Competition, Poster making competition and Slogan writing Competition.
November 2016Water Conservation & Biodiversity Essay on Water Conservation, Biodiversity, Extinct Speech, Poster on Water Conservation.
December 2016National Energy Conservation DayPoster Competition, Morning Assembly.
January 2017Environment and Energy Audit Morning Assembly, Poster Competition, Quiz.
February 2017Lake & Water BodiesMorning Assembly, Poster Competition, Quiz, Poem Recitation
March 2017World Forest DayPoster making competition.